Board Actions 5/01/14-12/31/14


License Number Licensee/Applicant Name Description of Action Effective Date
LASAC-13252 David Dustman Consent Agreement 12/30/2014
Marcy Mevorach Consent Agreement 12/12/2014
LMSW-15400 Jamie Born Consent Agreement 12/12/2014
LMSW-15429 Yvette Rodriguez Consent Agreement 12/08/2014
LCSW-13415 Kimberlee Herman Consent Agreement 12/08/2014
LCSW-10617 Karen Bruch Consent Agreement 12/01/2014
LPC-10532 Gail Wulbrecht Interim Consent Agreement 11/25/2014
LISAC-11765 Liana Condello Consent Agreement 11/18/2014
LAC-15165 Mariela Pacheco Order of Revocation 11/13/2014
LASAC-13184 Cynthia Potter Consent Agreement 11/13/2014
LASAC-13056 Ramie Hansen Consent Agreement 11/13/2014
LMFT-5445T Alexandra Yassi Release 11/11/2014
LMSW-11341 Yvonne Culp Release 11/11/2014
LAC-13378 Becky Goudy Release 11/11/2014
LCSW-2165 Michael White Consent Agreement 11/10/2014
LAC-13671 Tess Reese Consent Agreement 11/10/2014
LCSW-10994 Michelle Ruttinger Release 11/07/2014
LPC-10589 Lorena Hirsch Consent Agreement 11/07/2014
LAC - Applicant Tara Capana Denial 11/07/2014
LMSW-12818 Melissa Mitscher Consent Agreement 10/31/2014
LISAC-10475 Janet Carpentier Consent Agreement 10/23/2014
LPC-1034 Susan Jantzen Consent Agreement 10/17/2014
LISAC-1174 Arnie Kahn Consent Agreement 10/07/2014
LAC-15163 Mariela Pacheco Summary Suspension 09/29/2014
LCSW-12291 Keith Allen Consent Agreement 09/18/2014
LAC-14171 Christopher Haddox Interim Consent Agreement 09/02/2014
LMSW-11377 Kathleen Hernandez Consent Agreement 09/02/2014
LPC-12110 Susanne Johnson Consent Agreement 08/18/2014
LAC - Applicant Crystal Harris Denial 08/05/2014
LMSW-10846 Courtney Wood Release 08/01/2014
LCSW-11315 Francis Conrad Release 08/01/2014
LISAC-10022 Jean Collins-Stuckert Release 08/01/2014
LMSW - Applicant Mark Goldthorpe Denial 07/25/2014
LAC - Applicant Pallavi Lal Denial 07/25/2014
LAC-12527 Karmin Fowler Consent Agreement 07/08/2014
LPC-13569 Cesar Gamez Consent Agreement 07/02/2014
LISAC-11030 Calvin Nez Consent Agreement 07/02/2014
LCSW-3663 Gary Straus Consent Agreement 07/02/2014
LPC-12923 Alexis James Consent Agreement 07/02/2014
LMSW-15197 Esther Williamson Consent Agreement 07/02/2014
LISAC-0048 Frank Jesus Interim Consent Agreement 07/02/2014
LPC-12936 Chelsie Reed Release 06/10/2014
LMSW-12181 Mitzi Mackenzie Release 06/10/2014
LMSW - Applicant Tyler Willis Denial 06/05/2014
LAC - Applicant Kara Murray Denial 06/05/2014
LASAC - Applicant Albert Ledet Denial 05/01/2014
LPC - Applicant Lisa Bozik Denial 05/01/2014