Board Actions 2018

  License Number   Licensee/Applicant Name   Description of Action   Effective Date
LCSW-15447 Susan McCord Release 12/21/2018
LAC-17139 Christine Pellegrino Interim Consent Agreement 12/17/2018
LCSW - Applicant Jennifer Woodson Denial 12/14/2018
LPC - Applicant Deanaha Romero Denial 12/14/2018
LPC - Applicant Karen Williams Denial 12/14/2018
LCSW-13526 Abigail Sassano Consent Agreement 11/27/2018
LCSW-11568 Sharon Mendenhall Release 11/06/2018
Jeffrey Harvey Release 11/06/2018
LMSW-15180 Betti-jo Townsend Consent Agreement 11/02/2018
LCSW-11454 Kelley Galeano Consent Agreement 11/02/2018
LMSW-13790 Kimberly Hesjedal Consent Agreement 10/23/2018
LAC-17610 Stephanie Speake Consent Agreement 10/10/2018
Shannon McQuaid Consent Agreement 10/10/2018
LCSW-17121 Lindsay Merrell Consent Agreement 10/10/2018
Alexis Grae Release 10/10/2018
Lakshmi Nolletti Release 10/10/2018
LAC-16545 Brian Theer Release 10/10/2018
LAC-15909 Ann Eberhardt Order of Revocation 09/25/2018
Shannon Spellman Decree of Censure Order 09/25/2018
LAC-16433 Yaundi Awosika Order of Revocation 09/18/2018
Maria Clark Release 09/18/2018
LPC-10520 Gail Griemsmann Release 09/18/2018
LPC-10223 Roberta Lewusz Release 09/18/2018
LISAC-0966 Renee Siegel Release 09/18/2018
LPC-16979 Allison Blitz Interim Consent Agreement 09/18/2018
LAC-17511 Mark Conway Consent Agreement 09/18/2018
LAC-17538 Roy Rockenbach Consent Agreement 09/18/2018
LMSW-14008 Vered Kalev Consent Agreement 09/18/2018
LASAC-15149 Melina O'Brien Consent Agreement 09/12/2018
LMSW-12496 Erick Lear Consent Agreement 08/22/2018
LAC-15482 Brianne Zamora Consent Agreement 08/20/2018
LMSW-15686 Karen Bagley Consent Agreement 08/09/2018
LMSW-14038 Kelly Hughes-Halpin Consent Agreement 08/08/2018
LAC-16382 Ashley Comtois Consent Agreement 08/08/2018
LPC-17488 Breona Smith Consent Agreement 08/08/2018
LAC-16667 Aaron Foster Release 08/08/2018
LPC-1969 Don Burchfield Release 08/08/2018
LPC-10292 Stephanie Crawford Release 08/08/2018
LASAC-13184 Cynthia Potter Release 08/08/2018
LAC-15909 Ann Eberhardt Summary Suspension 07/31/2018
LPC-10223 Roberta Lewusz Consent Agreement 07/19/2018
LAC-17369 Cyrus Behrana Consent Agreement 07/09/2018
LISAC-1119 Tara Wilson Consent Agreement 06/19/2018
LAC-15750 Victor Macias Consent Agreement 06/04/2018
LISAC-0694 Elizabeth Fortune Consent Agreement 06/04/2018
LPC-11901 Carey McGrath Consent Agreement 05/30/2018
LMSW-16091 Mary Alvarez Dupnik Consent Agreement 05/21/2018
LPC-10172 Maureen Maxon Consent Agreement 05/09/2018
LPC-14030 Ronald Martin Consent Agreement 05/08/2018
LPC-13077 Jeffrey Cockayne Interim Consent Agreement 05/07/2018
LAC-12972 Jody Barba Release 05/07/2018
LAC-13382 Anita Williams Release 05/07/2018
LPC-13209 Shirley Vives Release 05/07/2018
LPC-1885 Dan Newman Consent Agreement 05/07/2018
LISAC-0966 Renee Siegel Consent Agreement 04/26/2018
LAC-13010 Debra Shewey Release 04/12/2018
Anthony Rubin Release 04/12/2018
LISAC-0694 Elizabeth Fortune Release 04/12/2018
LMSW-13881 Nefertari White Consent Agreement 04/09/2018
LPC-13620 Jeanette Vogan Interim Consent Agreement 04/09/2018
LMSW-15702 Jennifer Johnson Consent Agreement 04/04/2018
LAC-16785 Kaira Loving Consent Agreement 04/04/2018
LASAC-15101 Todd Rosenblatt Consent Agreement 03/26/2018
LAC-16069 Jill Sena Consent Agreement 03/01/2018
LAC-15698 Sabit Bojaj Consent Agreement 02/08/2018
LASAC-13241 Melissa Kinworthy Release 02/07/2018
LISAC-10994 Beth Stoddard Release 02/07/2018
LAC-12772 Tiffany Tschantz Release 02/07/2018
LPC - Applicant Marcella Morgan Denial 02/02/2018
Tatiana Fedotova Release 01/22/2018
LPC-10361 Wen-Chi Chien Release 01/22/2018
LISAC-11485 Donald Diebold Consent Agreement 01/22/2018
LAC-15916 Laura Lawrence Consent Agreement 01/22/2018
LMSW-17030 Janine Button Consent Agreement 01/22/2018
LCSW-17008 Alfred Dodini Consent Agreement 01/22/2018
LPC-0513 Kathleen Exelby Interim Consent Agreement 01/22/2018
LPC - Applicant Nathan Mitchell Denial 01/19/2018
LPC-13678 Hanadie Khorchid Consent Agreement 01/04/2018