Board Actions 01/01/19 - 12/31/19

  License Number   Licensee/Applicant Name   Description of Action   Effective Date
LMSW-16278 Mary Coy Release 09/20/2019
LAC-17369 Cyrus Behrana Release 09/20/2019
LMSW-15686 Karen Bagley Release 09/20/2019
LMSW-12812 Amy Davidson Release 09/20/2019
LPC - Applicant Bridgette Turbiville Denial 09/13/2019
LPC-10950 Katharine Dean Consent Agreement 08/29/2019
LPC-2248 Kimberly Popkey Consent Agreement 08/23/2019
LAC-16785 Kaira Loving Release 08/21/2019
Joseph Broussard Release 08/21/2019
LPC-15869 Edward Ottesen Consent Agreement 08/19/2019
LMSW-12855 Janice Lynch Consent Agreement 08/19/2019
LMFT - Applicant Rosa Ruales Denial 08/16/2019
LAC-16396 Nicole O'Hare Consent Agreement 07/31/2019
LPC-0456 Mary Serlin Consent Agreement 07/26/2019
Rosa Ruales Consent Agreement 07/22/2019
LPC-17630 Joseph Sullivan Consent Agreement 07/17/2019
LAC-18272 Ann Eberhardt Consent Agreement 07/17/2019
LAC-16382 Ashley Comtois Release 07/16/2019
LAC-12676 Terra Schaad Release 07/16/2019
LAC-17029 Bridgette Turbiville Consent Agreement 07/15/2019
LPC-2371 Elizabeth De Vries Consent Agreement 07/15/2019
LASAC-15294 Taylor Carsten Consent Agreement 07/15/2019
LPC - Applicant Sharon Wright Denial 07/12/2019
Joseph Broussard Order of Probation 07/08/2019
LMSW-12812 Amy Davidson Consent Agreement 07/02/2019
LPC-14030 Ronald Martin Release 06/17/2019
LAC-15698 Sabit Bojaj Release 06/17/2019
LCSW-17008 Alfred Dodini Release 06/17/2019
Stacie Barkin Release 06/17/2019
LAC-15677 Sharon Wright Consent Agreement 06/17/2019
LAC-16889 Erik Ish Interim Consent Agreement 06/17/2019
LASAC - Applicant Cara Love Denial 06/14/2019
LAC - Applicant Maggie Franiuk Denial 06/14/2019
James Bissell Consent Agreement 06/07/2019
LPC-17630 Joseph Sullivan Interim Consent Agreement 05/21/2019
LAC-14319 Marilyn Daniel Release 05/14/2019
LPC-17488 Breona Smith Release 05/14/2019
LAC-16771 Rocio Fonseca Consent Agreement 05/14/2019
LPC-17571 Kara Thomas Consent Agreement 05/07/2019
LAC-16889 Erik Ish Consent Agreement 05/02/2019
LPC-2401 Sandra Warner Consent Agreement 05/01/2019
LCSW-14028 Ryan Dong Consent Agreement 05/01/2019
LAC-15845 John Pidge Interim Consent Agreement 04/25/2019
LMSW-17031 Amy Coffell Consent Agreement 04/10/2019
LMSW-17030 Janine Button Release 04/09/2019
LPC-14058 Marcell Roberson Interim Consent Agreement 04/09/2019
LMSW-15654 Catherine Glen Interim Consent Agreement 04/09/2019
LCSW-14077 Jeremy Pottle Interim Consent Agreement 04/09/2019
LCSW-11532 Francesca Velez Consent Agreement 03/18/2019
LCSW - Applicant Cordelia Holbert Denial 03/08/2019
LAC-15804 Byron Watson Order of Revocation 03/04/2019
LPC-10271 Karen Morse Consent Agreement 03/01/2019
LPC-17055 Joseph Whitwell Consent Agreement 02/21/2019
LPC-12794 Barbara Collier Consent Agreement 02/19/2019
LPC-0144 Donald Miretsky Release 02/12/2019
LISAC-10663 Kathleen Baker Release 02/12/2019
LMSW-13868 Salina Hancock Abdul-Bari Consent Agreement 02/11/2019
LCSW-11342 Gail Eaton Consent Agreement 02/11/2019
LASAC-15133 Michael Latino Order of Revocation 02/05/2019
LCSW-15629 Benjamin Harding Consent Agreement 02/04/2019
LASAC-15119 Lee Ann Hull Consent Agreement 01/29/2019
LPC-10819 Ruth Zum Mallen Release 01/15/2019
LMSW-16918 David Jensen Release 01/15/2019
LCSW-15547 Holly Fechtmeyer Consent Agreement 01/15/2019
LISAC-0593 Kenneth Richardson Consent Agreement 01/15/2019