Board Actions 01/01/20 - 12/31/20

  License Number   Licensee/Applicant Name   Description of Action   Effective Date
LASAC-15363 Mara Groth Consent Agreement 09/10/2020
LCSW-14028 Ryan Dong Release 07/23/2020
Marcy Mevorach Consent Agreement 07/13/2020
LISAC-15099 Nancy DeLoera Consent Agreement 07/13/2020
LAC-18095 Thomas Olsen Consent Agreement 07/13/2020
LPC - Applicant Karrie Meyer Denial 07/10/2020
LMSW - Applicant Ashley Ware Denial 07/10/2020
LMSW-13794 Taylor Ellison Consent Agreement 07/07/2020
LPC-11078 Tina Bakalis Consent Agreement 06/25/2020
LMFT-0469 Amy King Order for Revocation 06/19/2020
LPC-17472 Christina Aguilar Consent Agreement 06/17/2020
LMSW-17477 Austin McCall Interim Consent Agreement 06/15/2020
LMSW-15702 Jennifer Johnson Release 06/15/2020
LMSW-13790 Kimberly Hesjedal Release 06/15/2020
LPC-18709 Jill Sena Release 06/15/2020
Lakshmi Nolletti Release 06/15/2020
LPC-18599 Maria Armenta Release 06/15/2020
LMSW-18662 Jennifer Steiner Consent Agreement 06/05/2020
LPC-11170 Shawn Ingersoll Consent Agreement 06/03/2020
LAC-6515T Jamie Sparrowgrove Consent Agreement 05/14/2020
LISAC-10531 William Murnighan Consent Agreement 05/12/2020
LPC-11233 Daniel Oakes Decree of Censure 05/11/2020
LAC-17650 Roberta Appleton Interim Consent Agreement 05/11/2020
LMSW-16556 Renee Deyden Consent Agreement 04/27/2020
Joseph Broussard Consent Agreement 04/13/2020
LAC-14493 Teresa Wood Consent Agreement 04/13/2020
LAC-15750 Victor Macias Consent Agreement 04/13/2020
LPC-10271 Karen Morse Release 04/13/2020
LMSW-17839 Maria Suarez Release 04/13/2020
LPC-12990 Andrew Henry Release 04/13/2020
LCSW-11454 Kelley Galeano Release 04/13/2020
LAC - Applicant
LASAC - Applicant
Daniel Annett Denial 04/10/2020
LAC-16800 Suzanne Teal Interim Consent Agreement 03/25/2020
LAC-17915 Matthew McDonald Consent Agreement 03/23/2020
LAC-15517 Christine McGuire Interim Consent Agreement 03/23/2020
Lakshmi Nolletti Consent Agreement 03/10/2020
LPC-17182 Nicole Pryor Order for Probation 02/21/2020
LPC-15697 Victor Scozzarella Release 02/19/2020
LAC-17610 Stephanie Speake Release 02/19/2020
LPC-14423 Jessica Dorland Release 02/19/2020
LCSW-0558 Deborah Kirk Elder Release 02/19/2020
LCSW-13526 Abigail Sassano Release 02/19/2020
LAC-16137 Donna Jordan Consent Agreement 02/19/2020
LMSW-12490 Nicole Bennett Consent Agreement 02/18/2020
LMSW-17032 Victoria Congdon Consent Agreement 02/05/2020
LAC-15339 Carolyn Nessinger Consent Agreement 01/29/2020
LPC-12990 Andrew Henry Consent Agreement 01/28/2020
LSAT-15120 Patricia Porras Consent Agreement 01/21/2020
LPC-2218 Shirley Reimer Interim Consent Agreement 01/16/2020
LAC-16629 Jennifer Washum Consent Agreement 01/16/2020
LPC-0597 Shelley Kaufman Consent Agreement 01/16/2020
LPC-10950 Katharine Dean Release 01/14/2020
LPC-17571 Kara Thomas Release 01/14/2020