Staff Directory

1740 West Adams Street, Suite 3600
Phoenix AZ 85007


Main telephone: 602-542-1882
Fax: 602-364-0890

Name Title Phone Email
Tobi Zavala Executive Director (602) 542-1617
Erin Yabu Deputy Director (602) 542-1811
Elma Brambila Assistant Director (602) 542-1895
Fawn Becker Executive Assistant (602) 542-1928
Chrystal Mackesy Project Specialist (602) 542-1940
Taylor Beck Renewal Specialist (602) 542-1925
Velvet Copeland Administrative Assistant II (602) 542-1938
Jarett Carver Investigations Manager (602) 542-1825
Flo Fragala Senior Investigator (602) 542-1909
Ale Findlay Investigator (602) 542-1813
Michelle Rassi Investigator (602) 542-1933
Vacant Investigator (602) 542-1884  
Jimena Castillo-Casaus Investigator (602) 542-1937
Vacant Investigative Assistant (602) 542-1812  
Theresa Mendoza Investigative Assistant (602) 542-2803
Zuri DeLucio Senior Credentialist (602) 542-1896
Jenny Webb Credentialist (602) 542-1893
Laura Zaragoza Credentialist (602) 542-1864
Christine Arvizu Credentialing Assistant (602) 542-1832
Juleen Lino Credentialing Assistant (602) 542-1877

Tobi Zavala, Executive Director

For those of you who don’t know me, I am Tobi Zavala, the Board’s Executive Director. I have been with the Board since 2010 and in this position since 2014. My goals have remained the same since I was appointed into this position and those are to maintain the safety and the welfare of the public, ensure applicants and licensees are treated fairly and equitably, and monitor behavioral health and licensing trends to keep the Board aligned with federal and national standards. I am excited to share with you that we are going to start a quarterly newsletter that will provide Board updates, fun facts and statistics.