Impaired Professional Program

What is the Impaired Professional Program ("IPP")?

The IPP is a confidential program for the monitoring of licensees who are chemically dependent, or who have psychiatric, psychological, or behavioral health disorders that may be impacting their ability to safely practice behavioral health.

Who is eligible to participate in the IPP?

The Board shall consider the following factors in determining a licensee’s eligibility for the IPP:

  1. Complaints received from the public and background information regarding the licensee.
  2. Licensee voluntarily requests admission or accepts an offer of admission to the IPP.
  3. Licensee agrees to undergo an appropriate evaluation by a Board-approved professional.
  4. Licensee agrees in writing to comply with all elements of the IPP Stipulated Confidential Recovery Agreement (“SCRA”).
  5. Licensee acknowledges that chemical dependency, psychiatric, psychological or behavioral health disorders are impairing their ability to safely and competently practice behavioral health.

Additionally, the Board may consider the following factors in determining a licensee’s eligibility for the IPP:

  1. Licensee’s previous disciplinary action(s).
  2. Licensee’s previous participation in alternatives to discipline programs.

Is the IPP confidential?

A licensee’s participation in the IPP remains confidential as long as they remain compliant with the SCRA established with the Board.

What are the costs involved with the IPP?

The Board does not assess a fee for participation in the program, however a licensee is responsible for costs associated with rehabilitative services and monitoring.

How do I find out more about the IPP or request to be considered for participation?

Contact the Board at (602) 542-1882.

To view sections of the Board's statutes pertaining to the IPP, click here.