Board Actions 2022

  License Number Licensee/Appplicant Name Description of Action Effective Date
  LMSW Applicant Sydney E. D. Gonzales Consent Agreement 2/19/2022
  LCSW Applicant Stephanie Edmondson Denial 2/15/2022
  LMSW Applicant Briana H. Miller Denial 2/15/2022
  LBSW Applicant Tessa R. Grooms Consent Agreement 5/19/2022
  LPC-20627 Kristen N.Vasosaust Consent Agreement 5/17/2022
  LAC-19211 Bethany B. Grismore Interim Consent Agreement 5/17/2022
  LMSW-17318 Jolene R. Wallace Interim Consent Agreement 5/17/2022
  LCSW-19743 Derek J. Reece Consent Agreement 5/17/2022
  LAC-20036 Basil Argento Decree of Censure 5/17/2022
  LMFT-10073 Cynthia G. Heath Consent Agreement 5/17/2022
  LPC-17303 Tanja N. Haaland Consent Agreement 5/17/2022
  LCSW-11307 Har K. Khalsa Consent Agreement 5/17/2022
  LCSW-4127 Marian Eberly Release 5/16/2022
  LPC-18275 Carol Farmer Release 5/16/2022
  LPC-20070 Rocio Fonseca Release 5/16/2022
  LPC-13643 Irene Jacobs Release 5/16/2022
  LMFT-15553 Joshua Reish Release 5/16/2022
   LPC-18481 & LISAC-15112 Vincent Ruzzo Release 5/16/2022
  LPC-1851 Nancy Skocy Release 5/16/2022
  LISAC-15130 Roshelle A. Johnson Consent Agreement 4/08/2022
  LPC-16467 Angel A. Montemayor Consent Agreement 4/05/2022
  LASAC-15385 Joseph E. Dunbar Consent Agreement 3/28/2022
  LAC-19578 Stacy L. Fogelsong Consent Agreement 3/28/2022
  LCSW-4127 Marian C. Eberly Consent Agreement 3/24/2022
  LMSW-19166 Mary Ellen Passaro Decree of Censure 3/14/2022
  LPC-17472 Christina P. Aguilar Consent Agreement 3/14/2022
  LAMFT-10732 Erica M. McCullough Release 3/14/2022
  LMFT-15410 Kerry J. Martin-Doehring Release 3/14/2022



Meagan R. Foxx Release 3/14/2022
  LPC-12794 Barbara Collier Release 3/14/2022
  LMFT-10047 Russel G. Beazer Release 3/14/2022
  LPC-16954 Shadi M. Bastini Release 3/14/2022
  LMSW Applicant Rebecca J. Holmes Consent Agreement 3/14/2022
  LMFT Applicant Jill M. Ord Consent Agreement 3/14/2022
  LCSW-10838 Candace L. Quibell Consent Agreement 3/14/2022
  LASAC Applicant Jillian A. Vanselow Denial 1/11/2022
  LCSW-16582 L. Magali Hoy-Nielson Consent Agreement 2/25/2022
  LPC-19596 Norma Maisonet Release 2/15/2022
  LMFT-15646 Trudy Johnson Release 2/15/2022
  LCSW-19275 Michael Elder Release 2/15/2022



Anthony Bratko Release 2/15/2022
  LCSW-15385 Lakilia  Ahmed Release 2/15/2022
  LCSW-17004 Anabel Aguayo Release 2/15/2022
  LMSW-17633 Kira Vredenburg Interim Consent Agreement 2/14/2022
  LMSW-17083 Angel Soto Consent Agreement 2/14/2022



Cheryl Bolte Consent Agreement 2/14/2022
  LAC-18040 April Franklin  Consent Agreement 2/14/2022
  LPC-10704 Rosalie Hasseltine Consent Agreement 2/14/2022
  LCSW-3634 Arline Lemeshewsky Consent Agreement 2/2/2022
  LMSW-13796 Everett Neace Interim Consent Agreement 1/25/2022
Meagan Foxx Consent Agreement 1/25/2022
  LPC-12062 Anne McQuaid Consent Agreement 1/14/2022
  LASAC-13339 Jillian Vanselow Consent Agreement 1/10/2022
  LCSW-10968 Candace Bailey Consent Agreement 1/10/2022
  LCSW Applicant Cynthia Wolcott Denial 1/7/2022
  LAC-17779 Colin Bennett Consent Agreement 1/6/2022
  LPC-20032 Noel Welch Consent Agreement 1/5/2022